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Multi-functional, safe and effective pest management for your home, family and beloved pets.

No.1 Korea soft, gourmet treats for pets. Bow Wow also carries soft dry food, Zenith.

A popular choice among pet parents in Singapore. Perfect for potty training and guaranteed leak-proof.

Made with 100% natural ingredients and high quality proteins, without any added hormones and antibiotics. Use as a treat or snack between meals. Either way, it will make for a perfect bonding time!

Premium pet products created with the highest aesthetic appeal, including range of other pet lifestyle products.

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By freeze-drying USDA meat & other fresh, human-quality ingredients, Grandma Lucy’s dog food is as close as you can get to home-cooked food.


Ultra-absorption and leak-proof pee pads to prevent unwanted stains and odours.

No 1. Probiotics with the highest CFU input + PROLINE to ensure guy efficacy.


Sourced from farms which grow hays for professional racing horses, Momi hays are free from pests and chemicals.

Healthy and natural supplements to ensure the superior quality of life that your pets deserve.

Be spoiled for choice with Petz Route’s assorted treats, jerkys, biscuits & toys from Japan.

Made in Japan high quality treats that are suitable for dogs for all ages and size.

95% meat jerkys, made with the finest ingredients from New Zealand, USA, and Australia.

Bold, eco-stylish accessories, and customisable pet tags that will last a lifetime.

Eco-friendly, waterproof, and well-cushioned soft mats for pets to rest comfortably.

Hormone-free and wholesome canned recipes for cats and dogs, without preservatives, colouring, or additives.


Made 100% complete and balanced, with quality meeting AAFCO standards food for your cat.

Made 100% complete and balanced, #1 Real Meat at unbeatable price.

Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy and their breath fresh with natural and easy oral care, WITHOUT BRUSHING.

Offers lifelong health with quality sanitary products for pets, made in Japan.

Wellness Pet Food - We Believe In Better Nutrition.

Well-balanced, honest and uncompromising all-natural nutrition to suit every pet’s health needs.

Whimzees - All Natural Daily Dental Treats

Quality Dental Chews From Holland.

Specially formulated pet wipes for fast and easy cleaning, deodorising of both cats and dogs.

All-Natural Cat, Dog treats, and lactose-free milk made in New Zealand.