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SilverSky – Origins

Hello everyone,

This started with Rusty, our Rottweiler who was born with an extended hock deformity in his hind legs. Vets we saw told us to put him down, and one even suggested to break his joints and then perform an extensive surgery to put them back together. No other practitioners believed Rusty could live a long and happy life, but we did. We looked to Google for help, and we chanced upon a plethora of pet products and supplies and we thought ourselves, “Hey, that’s going to make a great product! It’s honest, simple, and provides true benefits for Pet Parents over here.”

My wife (then girlfriend) and I invested in our new company, Silversky in 2003. No quite particular meaning to the name, but we realised that it sounds like “winning the sky or silver lining in the sky” in Chinese, and we stuck with that ever since.

Building The Brand – The Silver Lining

In 2003, I quit my full-time job, sold off my car, and went overdraft (Those sleepless nights!). My wife remained in her job, just in case things went south. We struggled. It was crisis every day. I was doing store, sales, delivery, and was quite broke. We were up against some of the biggest competitors in Singapore, muscled out by retailers. Well, I lost 15kgs in a short span of 6 months. Remembering vividly, we didn’t even have enough money to host our wedding. Fortunately, with a close mentor by our side when we needed the most, we chose to persevere by setting some commandments – conducting business with honest, fair dealings and most importantly – for the love for animals. Today, we are humbled and proud to represent some of the most prestigious companies which share the same vision as us, and distribute the finest pet brands around the world.

Eventually, Rusty passed away peacefully from old age at the age of 10. When Rusty was 2, we adopted an abandoned puppy named Scottie. They became best of friends! Unfortunately, Scottie was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at 8, had his left hind amputated. Vet said his life will be extended for another 6 months. Scottie lived for another astonishing 1 and a half years under many good hands, before joining his buddy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Silversky Now – A Trusted Distributor for Pets’ Supplies

Today, Silversky is an established player in the pets’ market, acting as a true distribution leader for natural, premium pet food and supplies in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Silversky currently handles  20 international pet brands – and up to date, we are servicing more than 230 pet retailers and online stores in Singapore alone.

To our pet suppliers, thank you for believing in us. The Silversky Team promises to uphold the unparalleled reputation as pet brand builders, always trustworthy and reliable. To our potential vendors, if you don’t believe what we say, just ask around (or drop us an email)!

To our customers and patrons, thank you for your unwavering support. The team will continue to keep the Silversky vision close to our hearts; providing quality pet food and supplies to all pet parents with integrity, honesty and care for your pets.

To the less fortunate pets out there, we will never forget you. We are aware that thousands of those are the streets – abandoned and in need for a loving home. If you’re helping these animals in need, we can help in some ways. Drop us an email.

To our staff, the present and past, you are the pillars of the company, and the vision wouldn’t come to fruition without all of you. We will have your back, always. We will continue to uphold the Silversky’s vision of Delivering WOW!

Thank you, Rusty & Scottie, the faithful founders of Silversky.

Esmond Low