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The Silversky’s Vision – Delivering WOW!

With more than a decade of experience in the pet’s industry in Singapore, Silversky is an established player in the pets’ market, acting as a true distribution leader for natural, premium pet food and supplies in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. At Silversky, we love pets, and we are obsessed with delivering the best to pets and pet parents, and our esteemed business partners, hence Delivering WOW! This long term vision impacts everything that we do – bringing value from distribution, to the end-consumers.

Silversky currently handles more than 20 international pet brands – and up to date, we are servicing more than 230 pet retailers and online stores in Singapore alone.

The Silversky Mission – To Deliver The Best to Pets and Pet Parents

We are passionate to bring the best to pets and pet parents. We work together with international pet brands to deliver only the best pet products in the market. Our impeccable reputation is built upon by keeping the mission close to our hearts; doing business with uncompromising values of integrity, care and the highest level of professionalism.

The Silversky Culture – The WOW Within

Silversky Team is continuously tackling new frontiers. Cultures are built overtime, but we believe that the Silversky culture is ever changing, in order to meet the demands of our partners and consumers that we work with. We dream big and are obsessed with success. We do difficult things, challenge status quo, and excel on radical truthfulness in order to maintain the reputation as a trusted distributor of pet supplies. Our culture is based on 3 pillarsCourage, Leadership, and Validated Learning. We walk the talk.


To deliver the WOW factor to our partners and end-consumers, we expect people to learn, and accept vulnerability. We are not afraid to fall because this is part of the process. We are empowered to speak with open minds, practice active listening to co-create solutions so that we can deliver the best customer experience and service to the people.


Everyone is a leader in Silversky, regardless of their job scope. Any decisions and actions we take, are a direct reflection of ourselves, and that influence others in the making. We strive to build leaders with ethics and integrity by doing the right things, even when no one is watching us.


We celebrate failure, because failure teaches us how to execute better to remain competitive.  In order to execute something brilliant, we understand that mistakes will be made in the process, but we will validate that learning so that we can set things right. We are always learning, and we never shy away from new knowledge, so that we can live a more fulfilling life.