CFU (Colony Forming Units)

* Input : 20 billion CFU/2g

* Guaranteed : 2 billion CFU/2g

Patented PROLINE * PATENTED Proline Stability increases probiotics’ ability to withstand stomach acid and ensure gut health efficacy.

* Support skin health (Atopic & itchy skin, severe dead skin)

* Support Gut health (Relieve diarrhea & Constipation)

* Support Healthy Immune system (70% of immune system is located in the gut)

Expiry Period *18 months from manufacturing date
Ingredients *Probiotics + Prebiotics + Collagen + Fruit & vegetable mixed extract powder
Usage & Package

* 1 stick per a day for 1~20kg

* 2 sticks per a day for over 20kg


2g aluminum sachet x 30 each in bottle.


Adjust dosage accordingly.

Can I feed Labivet to my pet even if it doesn't have skin or gut problems?

Short answer – Definitely, and without worries!

Long answer – 70% of the body’s immune system exists in intestines, and ranks as the second organ that comes in contact with foreign substances the most. Labivet interacts with these immune systems to strengthen the immune system, so you need to keep your pet’s intestines healthy by feeding probiotics on a regular. Just like how humans keep their guts healthy, it’s the same for pets!

Are there any precautions when feeding Labivet?

Some pets that are fed probiotics for the first time have temporary diarrhea or abdominal distension. This is not a problem with the product, but the symptoms caused by the increase of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, so there is no need to worry as it does not have a harmful effect.

However, excessive intake may cause diarrhea or vomiting, so be careful not to overdo it in excess of the recommended amount.

Can cats take Labivet?

Yes, Labivet is a probiotics product for both dogs and cats.

Can Labivet be fed to puppy or cat of any age?

Yes, there are no age restrictions. Refer to the feeding guidelines to make sure proper dosage is factored.

What does PROLINE Probiotics mean?

PROLINE is produced by various plants as a defensive material to survive in extreme environments such as the desert. Physicochemical-stress resistance of probiotics was increased by coupling its own amino acids and proline.

PROLINE Probiotics is to feed proline into probiotics during the production process to make probiotics stronger and reach the intestines without dying to make them function properly. (Proline Feeding Method)

“Proline Feeding Method” has been patented in USA, EUROPE, CHINA, and KOREA.

Do I have to separately feed Prebiotics (food for probiotics)?

Nope! Labivet already contains prebiotics such as Indigestible maltodextrin, Fructooligo saccharide, Chicory extract powder and Isomalt.

Product storage for Labivet?

Labivet is strong unlike other current probiotics products, so you can store it at room temperature, not in a refrigerator.