Signature7 Cat Food – 7 Day Sampler Box

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Made 100% complete and balanced, with quality meeting AAFCO standards. Your cats can enjoy a variety of flavours throughout the week, with a different supplement daily to support your cats’ well-being.

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Signature7 Cat Food – 7 Day Sampler Box

• 100% complete and balanced for your cat’s nutritional needs.
• Quality meeting Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards.
• A weekly serving guide to introduce variety.
• Different daily supplements to maintain cat’s well-being.
• High protein for your cat’s growth and development.
• Tasty meal in broth to maintain hydration.
• Contains taurine for necessary heart muscle function and vision.

Available in: 2.5oz (70g) can

Different Days, Different Benefits
MONDAY: Mackerel + Pumpkin (with Tuna oil for Healthy Skin & Coat)
TUESDAY: Sardine + Shrimp (with Pea fiber & Flaxseed for Weight Management)
WEDNESDAY: Mackerel + Carrot (with Glucosamine for Healthy Bones)
THURSDAY: Whitemeat Tuna + Pumpkin (with Cranberry Juice for Healthy Urinary Tract)
FRIDAY: Mackerel + Shrimp (with Prebiotic for Digestion & Gut Health)
SATURDAY Sardine + Pumpkin (with Yucca & Green tea extract for anti-aging)
SUNDAY: Whitemeat Tuna + Carrot (with Fructooligosaccharide for Hairball Control)

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