To champion sound and holistic health choices for our beloved pets.

The Story

Silversky was founded in 2003 by two pet-loving partners, who were zestful to inculcate the importance of making sound healthy food choices to pets parents. Their unwavering dedication and determination brought them to where they are today – becoming one of the most prominent forerunner of today’s growing premium pet food supplier in Singapore.

Our Assurance

We are committed to provide our retailers with the resources needed to ensure profitability and retail success by providing marketing support, and fostering close working relations for professional and personal growth.

About us

Hello everyone,


This is how it all began… please take a moment.


It all started with Rusty, our Rottweiler who was born with an extended hock deformity in his hind legs. Vets we saw pessimistically told us to put him down, even one was lunatic enough to advise us to break his joints, and then perform surgery to put them back. And guess what? He didn’t have any experience with a similar procedure! No practitioners believed he could live long or at least live happy, but we did….


We took to Mr. Google for help, researching day and night. And along the way, we chanced upon many pet products and supplies and we thought “hey, that’s really gonna make a great product, honest, simple, true benefits for pet parents here!”


My wife (girlfriend then) and I invested in our new company, Silversky. No particular meaning to the name, but we later realized it sounds like “winning the sky or silver lining in the sky” in Chinese. In 2003, I quit a regular paying job, sold off the car, went overdraft (ohhhh those sleepless nights!) while my wife remained in her job, just in case. We struggled. It was crisis everyday! I was store, sales, delivery and broke. We were up against some of the biggest competitors, we were muscled out, we got conned by retailers, we had cash flow issues, and we, well I, lost 15kg in 6 months. Remembering vividly, we didn’t even have enough money for our wedding.


With a close mentor at unconditional disposal, we persevered, set some commandments and conducted the business with thrift, honesty, fair dealings and love for animals. Today, we are humbled and honorably proud to represent some of the most prestigious companies and distribute some of finest brands around the world. We are no longer pushovers. We are a real force today.


To our suppliers, thank you for believing in us. We continue to uphold our unparalleled reputation as brand builders, trustworthy and reliable. To our potential vendors, don’t believe what we say, ask around.


To our customers and our customers’ customers, thank you for your business and support. We continue to keep our vision close to our hearts; providing value & quality pet food and supplies to all pet parents and doing it with integrity, honesty and care for our pets, people & environment.


To our family (our staffs), thank you for making this all happen, every single one of you! We will have your back, always.


To the less fortunate animals out there, we didn’t forget you. Thousands of those who are straying on the streets, sick, chained, beaten, abused and needed a loving home. Look, whoever you are, sharing this same heavy heart, call us. We can help in small ways. For those who wish to join us in giving back, click on our link “giving back”.


Eventually, Rusty, without breaking a bone, passed away quietly at home from old age. He was 10. When Rusty was 2, we adopted an abandoned puppy Rottie, name Scottie. They quickly became best friends. Unfortunately, Scottie was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at 8, had his left hind leg amputated, to extend his life for another 6 months. He lived another astonishing 1.5 years under many good hands, before joining his buddy.


Thank you, Rusty & Scottie, the faithful founders of Silversky.

Esmond Low